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Default Re: Mateusz Masternak has signed with Sauerland

Originally Posted by Vysotsky View Post
Hilarious how you base your whole opinion on this deluded revisionist notion of Poland's historical legacy of being a multi ethnic utopia. Try asking Lithuanians, Ukrainians, or Belarusians how they enjoyed your land stealing self-fashioned aristocracy, serfdom, and constant attempts to destroy their culture, identity, and people.

Remember that souless african **** Simon Mol who infected 40-100 Polish women with HIV on purpose. He would tell them that they were racist if they wanted to use a condom and these dumb neo-liberal chorni loving *****s would **** him without one. He was a anti-fascist and anti-racist activist & got an award for his work brainwashing stupid ****s like you. Can't say i feel sympathy for any of the infected women, only the unsuspecting Polish men they undoubtedly infected after they had aquired it.

Let's just hope that the ideological disease you suffer from doesn't infect more Poles who will help contribute to the destruction of Poland like has happened in a great deal of other European nations that are turning into third world ****holes.

First off, I did not say this was utopia, but relatively speaking this one of the most democratic societies on the planet (eg., twice as many people could vote in Poland than in England). If you knew a little comparative history you'd quickly realize that Poland-Lithuania was one of the most tolerant places in Europe for a number of religions and ethnicities at that particular time. After all, there is a reason why this was one of the most plurar societies in the 18th century, a time especially marked by religious wars and intolerance. Yes, the society was hierarchically structured and the aristocracy had more basic rights, just like anywhere else on the planet at that time. I'm sure the average Ukranian of that time would have chosen above all else to be soverign but under the historical circumstances of the time would opt to live under the Polish Commonwealth rather than under the Czarist boot,which surely would have been its fate but for the Commonwealth's existance. The Russian empire gave you Holomodor, can you claim anything remotely similar given to you by Poland?

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