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Default Re: Mateusz Masternak has signed with Sauerland

Originally Posted by VanillaKilla View Post

So you have sympathy for Blacks living in Poland yet you dismiss Poland's oppression and colonization of Ukraine....

What typical left-wing

Poland has never enslaved,conquered, or oppressed Blacks.

Poland has conquered and oppressed Ukrainians

Keep in mind that Blacks have nothing to do with Poland, and Ukraine are Poland's closest relatives.....
Everything seems to be lost on him. The differences and as a result the conflict that i describe above in this "multi ethnic" state took place between Catholic Slavic Poles and Orthodox Slavic Ukrainians & Belarusians. He thinks that Blacks and Muslims co-existing and being integrated into Polish society is going to take place more smoothly in spite of the fact that their culture, values, religion etc are in complete contrast to Polish ones in many instances and far more at odds with theirs than Ukrainians were.

Originally Posted by turbina View Post
No denying there is a troubled history between the two nations even to this date. The Ukrainians were no saints, either.

Couldn't agree more with the rest of your post. Unfortunately it is so "cool" to immitate anything Western and trendy to be pro-anything liberal. We just got a party voted into the Sejm, who's members consist of gays, and transvestites..I'm completely speechless as to how this happened.. basically imitating anything western as if they didn't have their own feeling of national identity. ****ing sad. I may have to move further East if this trend continues. Wouldn't mind living in Lwow, actually.
Yeah i'm not claiming we are either, just ripping apart his love fest assertion from a Ukrainian perspective.

Um, speechless.

Don't let anyone hear you call it that
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