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Default Re: Anderson Silva Likely Sidelined Until Mid-2012

Originally Posted by rekcutnevets View Post
I got what you were saying. I'm saying that if Sonnen gets defeated, Silva will more than likely be facing the person that beats Sonnen. I don't think Silva would want to trade Sonnen for Palhares. Palhares just got 2nd place at Abu Dhabi this year, losing on points in the finals after heel hooking his way through 3 opponents.

I wouldn't say that Palhares has a better overall chance than Sonnen. Sonnen is the bigger threat to close the distance repeatedly, and continually take Silva down. However, if Palhares can close the distance and take Silva down, he may only need to do it once. Palhares has a far greater chance of finishing Silva on the mat than Sonnen.
I can dig this, though I do stick by my own original statement. Given Palhares' rudimentary takedown game Silva realizes he can just do the same pitty pat dance-a-thon that he did with Maia and Leites and while there is a very significant danger that those birdlegs get snapped IF Palhares gets him down, it's a big if that he gets him down. There's no doubt that Sonnen will be able to do a lot of the things he did the first time around and Soares and company have got to be worried that maybe Sonnen has finally figured out how to not brainfart at the finish line.
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