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Default M1 Global: Vadim Finkelstein offers Cain Velasquez / UFC a deal they cant refuse

Vadim offers a deal that Cain Velasquez OR the UFC cant refuse, a fight between Cain (who is no longer under the Championships Clause) and the GOAT Fedor.

This fight will be in Russia with M1 handling the event and costs, the event will definitely be shown in Prime time with viewer numbers that would make UFC's 5.7 million viewers look pedestrian, it will have state backing, will have ticket prices that would make even Dana's head spin, and im sure that the stadium would be packed to the rafters especially with state backing. They could even hold it in Luzhniki Stadium which holds 78,000.

Russia is a closed book as far as UFC goes, theyve been trying to get into the country and grow without success, their brand and promotion means very little as far as MMA is concerned in Russia and that region.

This is a shot across the bow, either for Zuffa to shut up about trying to show the best fights that fans want to see (this is their chance) or for Cain V to take this fight against the GOAT with or without Zuffa (afterall now that hes lost he is no longer under the Championship Clause).

M-1 Global intends to organize a fight Emelianenko - Velazquez in Moscow
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A source told "" Constantine Ustyantseva,, M-1 Global intends to begin negotiations on the organization of a duel between a Russian MMA fighter Fedor Emelianenko (33-4) and former UFC heavyweight Cain Velasquez American (9-1) . Recall that on November 12 Velazquez lost his title in a fight against Junior dos Santos, having been thus first defeat of his career. According to the president of the company M-1 Vadim Finkelstein, Fedor fight - Velazquez in Moscow is able to attract many more viewers than meeting Emelianenko - Monson, and become one of the major events in the world of mixed martial arts in 2012.

"We intend to move forward and offer UFC deal, under which the M-1 is committed to organize a fight between Fedor and Velasquez in 2012 in Moscow - said Finkelstein. - I can guarantee Dana White that charges from this match in Russia will not be worse than in America, and the occupancy of the hall and did break a record attendance. M-1 is ready for dialogue, and will be happy to consider all possible options to create a tournament together. In the near future I will go forth with a proposal to his "best friend" (referring to Dan Wight. - Note. "") and see what he will say.

A huge army of fans want to see this fight, and we want it, the only question is whether this will UFC? Velasquez has lost his last fight and lost the title, so why would he, instead of climbing back on top, do not agree to a meeting with one of the best fighters in history? The last tournament of the "Olympic" has shown great interest in how the Russian public to fights MMA and Fedor in particular. If we are able to negotiate with Velasquez, the excitement will be many times higher, which means that half of the arena, "Olympic," we will have enough. Now all our thoughts are directed at the organization next fight Fedor, which we hope will take place in Japan. However, the organizational details about the fight with Velasquez will be solved in parallel. "

Finkelstein also said Satoshi Ishii candidacy (4-1-1), which information the western media can be a contender for Fedor New Year tournament in Japan. "We would be interested to sign it with Ishii. First of all, because it is a very talented and promising fighter, winner of the Olympics. Secondly, he is Japanese, which means that interest in him among his fans will be great, that promises to fight Fedor even more spectacular. I can not confirm or deny that Ishii will become a rival to the New Year tournament Fedor, because now we are engaged in this issue and has not received any specifics from our Japanese colleagues. The complexity of signing contracts with Ishii is also in the that the fighter can get away from a fight with a rival such as Fyodor, fearing defeat in the early stage of career, also in their audiences. "
Dirty politics
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President of the M-1 Global, Vadim Finkelstein said in an interview about the last tournament of M-1 Global Fedor vs Monson, about the incident with Vladimir Putin and the future plans of the organization

Vadim, congratulations to you and all fans of mixed martial arts victory with Fedor. Please tell us about your impressions of the tournament.

In the history of MMA, it was the largest tournament held in Russia and Europe. Arena housed the 22 000 spectators and was completely full. All the fights were interesting and entertaining. Each bout was his character, his individual person. In the course of the tournament was not boring fights. Not one room in Europe and Russia are not scored more than 13 thousand spectators. When in the hall there is a number of spectators, the atmosphere is completely different. When shown photos of Fedor, the whole room exploded. I am very glad that we had this event and thank the audience for their support.

[skipped Vadim's response about Putin]

Vadim, if away from politics, talk about fight Fedor.

Jeff - great pilot a fighter. I am grateful to him for his handsome manly fight. Despite the fracture, and missed punches, he kept to the last. I respect him for his courage, his character and will power. He showed himself a real fighter.

Fedor cautious and not in a hurry. He clearly acted on a plan that they have developed with coaches in the Netherlands. Fedor does not fall into the trap that he was setting Monson. He was in no hurry, quietly imposed its style duel. Did everything well planned. He considered all his mistakes and has passed all right.

The site mma mania. Com an article that you are negotiating with the UFC about a fight against Fedor Velazquez. How can you comment on that. This is a rumor or really talks underway?

I am not a negotiation. But it's a good idea. I will turn to Dana White about this fight. I am ready to discuss the holding of several fights Fedor in the U.S. and Russia. I think that such a great fight Emelianenko Velazquez will be the arena to collect up to 45 000. We can do it. Fedor insanely popular in Russia and Europe. UFC tried repeatedly to raise the arena, but there was no more than 13 000 spectators. We can make quality and beautiful show. We have just proved it.

All viewers have noted the good organization and a beautiful picture on the screen. Is everything was so smooth?

As an organizer, I noticed some shortcomings: it is a problem with the tickets. When tickets went on sale in some difficulty. Since the wanting to buy tickets there were many, and quotas were not under it's calculated. The excitement was far more than we could imagine. In fact the tournament, unfortunately, some people could not get into the hall. If we talk about the shortcomings, it was another - it's movies in English without subtitles in Russian. The entire video production was produced for broadcast in 120 countries, but unfortunately failed and the Russian audience was left without a title in Russian, some rollers. We regret this in the future and take into account all the shortcomings.

Assessing the work done, we believe that such a huge show with some live on the world all went very well. Fights were spectacular. No one could say that at least one fight was boring. All the spectators were satisfied.
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