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Default Re: M1 Global: Vadim Finkelstein offers Cain Velasquez / UFC a deal they cant refuse

Originally Posted by Dave_j1985 View Post
Problem is no one cares to see Fedor fight UFC fighter's anymore, Cain should be fighting top 10 fighter's which Fedor is not. You're kidding yourself if you think this event could touch the numbers UFC on FOX did.

The Fedor v Rogers already did in Russia, 5.7 million is easily achievable in Russia.

this isnt even interesting to me let alone dana white..
I know for sure that Dana and Zuffa is too scared to take this gamble. For them its not just their fighter loosing to another fighter, for them its their promotion loosing to another promotion. Theyve built up a really complex wall where they could say that their fighter is the best of the best, without having any of their fighter fight outside the promotion. The last time they took this gamble, they lost (Pride v. UFC).

I think this offer by Vadim is really directed at Cain himself. This about why Vadim didnt call out JDS or Lesnar, its because JDS is now under the Championship Clause and Lesnar is still UFC's biggest cash cow. Cain Valasquez is neither and so is more likely open to leaving UFC if given enough $$$. M1 has previously offered Brock a multi million dollar contract and has said that they could match ANY OFFERS UFC made to Fedor. With a billionaire owner and State backing I dont doubt for one instance that M1-Global could easily offer multi million one fight deals to Cain. We all know that Cain only received a measly $100,000 against JDS and a $200k (plus $100k win bonus) against Brock. Cain only received $100k for 2011. If I was Cain id take a million or multi million dollar offer by M1-Global, after all fighters only have a limited shelf life.

Smart move by Vadim actually, turning the tables using an old UFC ploy. Zuffa really has three choices 1) they accept the deal 2) they loose Cain, or 3) they bump up Cain's payment just to keep him (Zuffa wont admit or disclose payment). All three would be great for M1.
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