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Default Re: M1 Global: Vadim Finkelstein offers Cain Velasquez / UFC a deal they cant refuse

Monaro, you need to sit back and have a look at your posts, it really isn't healthy to be
so obsessed with one man. **** like this and 'M-1 fired Henderson' doesnt fool anyone, it just makes you look like a pathetic fanboy. Now I know it's worthless me even posting this, because you're just going to call me a 'zombie' and fail to actually address anything I say, but if you look through my post history you'll see that I rate Fedor as the greatest fighter so far in the history of the sport. However his time at the top of the sport is done now and a win over Jeff Monson, who is also done, does not in anyway prove that he is still the number one heavyweight in the world. Velasquez won't fight Fedor in M1, we all know he won't yet no one who can think rationally will see it as a duck, because we know that it is a pointless fight at this point. Fedor suffered three bad defeats on the trot, one against a guy JDS beat the **** out of in a round, one that Cormier sparked out with the same type of shot Fedor was hitting him with and one against (an admittedly brilliant) middle/light-heavyweight. Just because he beat Monson does now somehow make him a worthy opponent again. So if Cain beats Fedor he gets no praise, if he gets beaten he'll get slated and no matter what the result of the fight is, he won't have any lucrative options afterwards as M-1 have no other big name fighters for him to face. The shot about money isn't as clear cut as you make it as Cain stands to make more in the long run on the UFC. Even you're not dumb enough to believe he only received 100 grand for the JDS fight, everyone knows the UFC don't declare all the fighters earnings.

Face it man, Fedor is the greatest for his 2002-2006 run, since then he has gotten in tow with crooks who have dampened his career by having him take easy fights for years which cost him when he stepped back up in competition and now he has physically deteriorated and will not reach the top of the sport again. Just leave it alone man, remember Fedor for the time when he actually was the best and stop holding on to stupid fantasies about him. There are other great fighters out there for you to follow as well.
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