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Default Re: M1 Global: Vadim Finkelstein offers Cain Velasquez / UFC a deal they cant refuse

Originally Posted by the beaver View Post
Fedor should try and fight a few guys a level below Cain before taking him on. Going the distance with Monson doesn't mean he is back.

A level below Cain? wow wow wow.

Cain is the inexperienced one here lol

Oh how Zuffa has brainwashed people.

I think M1 is looking for 1 more big payday, they need to bleed Fedor one last time because I'm sure Finkel wasn't expecting these recent loses and the loss of potential revenue from him. They couldn't of made much money from his last fight or they would continue to feed him cans and hasbeens and have easy paychecks.
Pretty much any Fedor fight in Russia is a big payday. They could have any HW fight Fedor and it would still be huge, even Monson still packed the stadium.

From all reports the Fedor v Monson was a huge success, the 22k tickets were snapped up like crazy (why do you think Vadim was talking about a 40+k stadium for the next event?), influential/rich/popular Russian celebrities watched the fight, was shown on the biggest network TV prime time, and numbers should easily exceed the UFC on Fox 5.7 million.

Fedor's next opponent would be another blockbuster. Ishii is a Japanese icon and hero. Im sure that this NYE event with Ishii and Fedor will have closer to 40k watching the fight and probably in the 20 plus million TV viewers.

**** like this and 'M-1 fired Henderson' doesnt fool anyone, it just makes you look like a pathetic fanboy.
Lol you didnt get point of that thread did you? But I do agree with you, Henderson getting fired by M1 is as pathetic as Fedor getting fired by the UFC/Strikeforce.

However his time at the top of the sport is done now and a win over Jeff Monson, who is also done, does not in anyway prove that he is still the number one heavyweight in the world.
Who said Fedor is still number 1? In saying that though, Fedor is more worthy of a higher ranking than Cain Velasquez.

So if Cain beats Fedor he gets no praise, if he gets beaten he'll get slated and no matter what the result of the fight is, he won't have any lucrative options afterwards as M-1 have no other big name fighters for him to face.
A one off multi million payment and opportunities to fight throughout Europe and Aisa is a better deal than $100k per year. We all know that Cain's time at the top is over and be wont be getting that $100k (plus $200k win bonus) he got from the Brock fight. At best UFC will continue to offer Cain $100k per fight which is about 1 or 2 time a year at most.

Even you're not dumb enough to believe he only received 100 grand for the JDS fight, everyone knows the UFC don't declare all the fighters earnings.
Only a select few fighters receive that under the table PPV cut, Brock, GSP, and AS are probably it. Everyone else gets the fight money, win money, and all FOTN and KO/sub bonuses, and these are disclosed.

Face it man, Fedor is the greatest for his 2002-2006 run, since then he has gotten in tow with crooks who have dampened his career by having him take easy fights for years which cost him when he stepped back up in competition and now he has physically deteriorated and will not reach the top of the sport again.
Pretty much the same with Cain nowdays really, apparently UFC have moved on to their next best and greatest in JDS. If Cain doesnt take this offer he would end up like AA, Tim S, CroCop, and Nog. Used, abused and thrown out with yesterdays proverbial by the UFC.
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