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Default Re: Tired of lay and pray guidas and gsps.

Originally Posted by MetalMandible View Post
Oh, because I say negative things about people who choose to get punched in the face for a living, I couldn't possibly have trained? You really are a dumb ****. I'm cynical, I call shots as I see them, and I don't respect anyone for getting punched in the face or shot at for a living because, frankly, that's not an intelligent way to do so. I pay money to watch two alpha males slug one another in the face because it's entertaining but you're fooling yourself if you think that it's a noble profession above being scrutinized. Bottomline is, I did train for six years, Muay Thai and not MMA, and I still feel and speak the way I do. **** off if you don't like it.
I'd bet a million dollars that you either just hit pads for "six years" or you're totally bull****ting. People who have any experience don't **** talk the way you do; that's for chicken****s who don't know enough to know how much they don't know, just like the rest of the "chinchecker" clowns. People around here with real experience have understanding about why some fights end the way that they do and the respect to know that it's more than some label. You and the other cowards just want to talk **** about your betters to make yourself feel better and put yourself above people with actual guts.

And drop the pseudo-intellectual BS. You're almost as bad at that as you are at talking about combat sports.
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