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Default Re: Tired of lay and pray guidas and gsps.

Originally Posted by Wilhelm View Post
I'd bet a million dollars that you either just hit pads for "six years" or you're totally bull****ting. People who have any experience don't **** talk the way you do; that's for chicken****s who don't know enough to know how much they don't know, just like the rest of the "chinchecker" clowns. People around here with real experience have understanding about why some fights end the way that they do and the respect to know that it's more than some label. You and the other cowards just want to talk **** about your betters to make yourself feel better and put yourself above people with actual guts.

And drop the pseudo-intellectual BS. You're almost as bad at that as you are at talking about combat sports.
Nice strawman, maybe next time you can actually find some evidence to back up your theories rather than a generic, and rather boring, argument like "if you trained you wouldn't say this ****". Newsflash asswipe, you can't pigeonhole anybody into trains of thought and plenty of people who have trained are capable of being completely irreverent on a number of subjects.

You know why some fights end the way they do? Because some people can't take punches. You know a good way to figure out that some people can't take punches? Go to a gym, it's the best evidence in the world and that alone makes your argument null and void. I contend that more people who have trained wouldn't deny that Glass Jaws exist and would be more likely to not drop mundane bull**** like "that punch woulda KOed anybody" because they know from experience that those punches wouldn't have dropped a lot of people.

Lastly, it's not pseudo-intellectualism if you actually are intelligent and I'd say my track record of correctly predicting fights, using a wide-ranging vocabulary that puts most to shame, and my impeccable grammar and spelling would all suffice to put your notion of my undue arrogance to bed. Face it, even the people on this board who don't like me give me credit for consistently making good points and intelligent conversation. You're just angry because I call out Glass Jawed Jokes and don't show a holy reverence for all fighters as if they were saints and not just people who get paid to punch other people.
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