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Default Re: Small Talk wiht Johnny Nelson

Originally Posted by PrideOfWales
You don't think Nelson's knee injury was genuine?

You think he made that **** up?

You are talking absolute *******s. Whether he's (un)classy or not is a side issue.
aww, do you believe everything you read? Fuxake, I have probably read more books on boxing than you have had proper dinners.
& heres the shocking truth, most boxers are economical with the truth! Shockingly enough, they often tell lies to make themselves look better!

Jeez, next you will be telling me that you believe everything you read in the tabloids.
& as you took a cheap shot at me, let me return the favour. Why the **** do you call yourself Prideofwales when you dont even back your own fighters? ****, even I defend welsh fighters more than you.
You should change your name to PrideofUK. Cos pride of Wales is a monicker you simply dont live up to.
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