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Default Re: Say Hendo Finds a Way to Defeat Bones

Originally Posted by scurlaruntings View Post
Id say no. That said Dan's greatest asset has been his consistency. When all is said and done he still has losses to Rampage, Silva, a prime Wand, Lil Nog Arona etc. Whilst some of those are excellent company i don't believe his resume has enough to surpass Anderson or Fedor's streak. But his got a dam good shout.
Personally i hope he tools Jones. But im not so sure. Hendo's Kryptonite has always been quality strikers. Im not sure Jones fits into that bracket but his length size and unorthodox style will cause Hendo many problems. To Hendo's credit though all it takes is one punch. That low kick over hand right combo has worked him his ENTIRE career. Iv only seen he and Couture employ that tactic successfully. Providing Hendo can close the distance im hoping he takes Jones into the trenches and TKO's him.
Hendo though is easily top 5 ATG material. Dudes a stud.

Jon Jones is likely to remain unbeaten over the next 12 months too good at the moment-

So far


Feb WSub2 (Guillotine Choke) R. Bader 12-0

Mar Wkor3 (Punches and Knees) S. Rua 19-4 UFC Light-Heavyweight

Sep WSub4 (RNC) Q.R.Jackson 32-8 UFC Light-Heavyweight

My predication

Dec WUD5 L. Machida 17-2 UFC Light-Heavyweight


Feb WSub3 (RNC) D. Henderson 29-8 UFC Light-Heavyweight

Jul Wkor1 (Knees) R. Evans 16-1-1 UFC Light-Heavyweight

Sept Wsub5 (armlock) S. Rua II 22-6 UFC Light-Heavyweight

Nov Wkor3 (punches) M. Lawal 10-1 UFC Light-Heavyweight
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