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Default Re: Conn versus Loughran

Iīd take Loughran. Even when quite inexperienced there are arguments that he beat Gene Tunney who was in a similar class to Conn. Conn neve beat a lhw in that class - there only few though Tunney, Conn, Charles, Moore, Spinks - Conn would be a bit more aggressive but Loughran proved he could deal quite well with that against Walker and Tommy would have to worry less against Conn than about Tunney due to Connīs not so special power. On the otherhand Conn proved to be able to neutralize geat jabs against Louis, Loughran relied heavily on his jab. But then Tommy had one of the best jabīs ever, even better than Louisī, so would Conn be able to neutralize Loughranīs jab? I donīt think so. I think Loughran takes a close one due to his better footwork and his jab. Might be terribly wrong though.
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