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Default Re: Mateusz Masternak has signed with Sauerland

Originally Posted by VanillaKilla View Post
1. Does he? How do you know?
Why wouldn't he? He speaks better Polish than you probably speak English. Also, for starters, watch his interviews.

2. Does he really? So eating Bigos makes someone Polish?

3. So having Polish friends makes one Polish?
Are you just posting this rubbish just to create a argument or do you have a motive?

Anyways, of course it makes him Polish. Not by blood, but by choice. The guy chose to stay Polish. There are much more other opportunities than Poland.... Most people go to USA, or France or Germany to create a career/make a improvement in life. But he chose to stay here. He is active in Polish news and commercials, is active in Polish charity works to feed hungry kids, and shows real character and pasion towards the progression of Poland. I don't care tho, he may not be Polish by blood, but I view him as a Pole. He has been a fine asset and role model for all Poles to admire. There is nothing negative Izu has shown thus far to downgrade Poland. He is very intelligent, shows real hard workmanlike character(like most Polish people have), and he has yet to disappoint me nor anyone else in his campaign to make a better life for himself. Not as if he is embarrassing us, hes just trying to make a decent living in a country he admires living in.
I have no problems with that.

I also consider Mahmed Khalidov in the same page.
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