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Default Re: Conn versus Loughran

Originally Posted by SLAKKA View Post
And that 23 yr old fighter that almost beat Joe weighed only 169 lbs
Never mind what Papa Mike Jacobs announced to the public.
Billy Conn was in over his head from the beginning by his" brave " manager,ex fighter Johnny Ray. Billy as a kid idolized the truly immortal
Harry Greb. Conn NEVER fought as am amateur,but went straight into the pros at the tender age of 16. but TOUGH Billy survived and thrived and by age 18-19 beat the great veteran prime Fritzie Zivic, Babe Risko, Vince Dundee, Oscar Rankins, Teddy Yarosz,Solly Krieger,Young Corbett,etc.
Billy just a babe in the woods whipped all these champions. He was a great young middleweight, of whom a great boxing writer and columnist Frank Graham, a few years later said he would have loved to see young Billy Conn,against Ray Robinson at equal weights... But Conn filled out to about 166-70 pounds by 1939. He was at his best in 1939 beating the tough, tough southpaw Melio Bettina twice, rugged Gus Lesnevich twice
and destroyed the top underated Bob Pastor who kod the 18 pound heavier
murderous punching Lem Franklin. And soon after Conn at about One Hundred and Sixty Nine pounds ,gave the great Joe Louis all he could handle for 13 rounds. This is the Billy Conn that would have found a way to beat Roy Jones . No one except the THIRTY pound heavier Joe Louis kos a Billy Conn at near equal weights. No ONE.....Billy had what the OLD TIMERS called "bottom". Roy Jones as later events proved, did not.
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