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Default Re: Looking at Lesnar

Originally Posted by SomeGuy101 View Post
I've been watching alot of Lesnar and Overeems fights these past few days in order to decide who's going to win. Though he's looked great recently Reem's last fight vs Werdum was a stinker and to be honest his standup looked atrocious but I think that his not wanting to overcommit against Werdum and get subbed.

That said he did avoid Werdums take down attempts very well in round 1 and held distance brilliantly (which will be a great asset vs Brock) but then began to tire.... which brings me to Lesnar.

Lesnar cannot trade with this guy it would be suicide but having said that Lesnar's stance is one that Reem would have to overcommit to land on and that would set Lesnar up for a takedown which no question is Brocks main game.

Finally looking at the Velazquez fight Brock had the right idea at the start but just couldn't get it off. Take a look again guys, the moment the bell rings he circles Cain and comes in at an angle - brilliant! Cain is at an angle, can't counter punch and Brock gets inside him. The problem was Cain is small and fast so escaped quickly - Reem won't be able to do that.

My two gripes with Lesnar are a) he wilts when his plan fails and 2) he tires...big time. We're constantly told Lesnar is this perfect specimen 'athelete' but after 2 minutes and a single TD vs Cain he was so tired you could see his punches a mile away! I am not so sure Lesnar is as athletically gifted as people say you know....Heck I'd even say Overeem has better cardio!!!!! But then again it could have been his diverticulitis.

I still can't pick a winner

Looking at Lesnar - Quite big aint he?
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