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Default Re: Fighters Who Folded Like A Lawn Chair The First Time They Faced Adversity

Originally Posted by DanishFightfan View Post
And just keep hating on Vitali for something that happened about 11 years ago.
Since then, Vitali has proven that he has plenty of heart and will..
Also, would you keep fighting with a torn rotator cuff?
I don't buy he was unable to fight. Explain how he was throwing punches with both hands right up until he quit? He most have thrown 50 punches in the round before he quit but was landing at a pathetic rate, where as Byrd was walking him down and landing at a very high rate.

He simply got frustrated. Think about the playground bully mentality. He had been used to guys rolling over like bowling pins for his entire career.

He knocked most guys out inside 2 rounds. Then a guy comes along, slips most of his punches, figures him out and then starts walking him down and bashing him up? And this is where that "career threatening injury" happens to occur and he has to quit? If you believe that I have a bridge to sell you.
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