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Default Re: hatton v honeyghan

Lloyd Honeyghan was a much better fighter than Fatton. Lloyd at his best knew what to do as shown against Don Curry and Maurice Blocker. To mention Hatton in the same breath as the Raggamuffin man is sacrilege. Lloyd took no short cuts on the way up. He faced nightmares like Cliff Gilpin, won the British, European and Commonwealth titles beating the best in Britain, Europe and the Commonwealth as well as taking out the number 1 contender like Horrace Shufford before fighting for the undisputed Welterweight title against the best pound for pound fighter of that era. He beat guys like Sylvester Mittee and knocked out future Light Middleweight world champion Gianfranco Rossi in Italy even though his ribs were broken going into the fight.

Hatton should have studied Honeyghans fight against Curry to understand what is meant by controlled aggression which means you apply defense, lateral movement with come forward aggression , making your opponent miss and making him pay. You cannot compare their careers Lloyd also went on to beat Maurice Blocker a future WBC champion, world champions Gene Mad Dog Hatcher, Johnny Bumphus, Jorge Vaca and number 1 contender Yung Kil Chung. Yes He got destroyed by his nemesis Marlon Magic Man Starling by losing his head and was never the same but boy o boy what a fighter he was especially at his best even the Americans respected hgis ability and his moves. I remember the great and legendary trainer Eddie Futch who plotted Honeyghan's downfall against Starling saying how mightily impressed he was by Honeyghan's victory over Curry so much so that master tactician had to devise a punch perfect strategy to rip the title away. As Mike Tyson said Honeyghan was not only the undisputed champion because he took it from Curry but his susequent performances proved it. Sorry Hatton does not compare.
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