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Default Re: hatton v honeyghan

Originally Posted by Beeston Brawler

Kostya Tszyu wasn't shot, whilst Castillo was given an equally hard time as Malignaggi by Ngoudjo. Admittedly past his best, that was beyond question, but far from being a shot fighter like Gatti was when he kept getting beaten up by everybody.

I would say Hatton is fearless, he picked the perfect tactic to beat Tszyu, get in his face, whilst moving up in weight to challenge a top 5 P4P all timer in Mayweather is not to be sniffed at.

Fans both in the UK and America may not reckon much to his ability, but to question his heart is a bit much.
He was. Kostya was fighting once a year and was getting more and more inactive.He was also 36. For a light welter you can believe thats well past his prime coupled with the repeated injuries he kept picking up.You Hatton drones make WAY to many excuses.As for Castillo he had more holes in him than swiss cheese.And this pathetic excuse that he challenged a top p4p`der as if that gives him some credibility is utter bull****. The fight happened because it made big bucks.Why do you think Hoya and PBF want to fight again? Why do you think Hatton wants to fight Hoya? Do you think its because he has big *****? I hope he does fight DLH because the result will be an even worse beatdown.
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