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Default Re: Mayweather waited for Pacquiao to slow down or get old.

Originally Posted by cesare-borgia View Post
He does but if you take it away from both fighters he is the more versitile boxers that can adapt better, his style is better suited for longetivity, combined with all the other factors its not really strange to say pac is older in ring years.
Erik morales is cut from the same cloth, also a warrior that was done relatively early while a man like hopkins or marquez goes long with ring iq, it seems really obvious right?
I can agree with the fact that Pac may be a couple years older in ring years, but the Pac that fought Hatton, Cotto, and Margarito is the same Pac now. He hasn't changed. It's just obvious he isn't going to look good against fighters with mobility and ring intelligence.

Morales is a whole different story. Every single fight he has fought has been a war. That mofo is a damn warrior who has never frowned upon fighting anyone, despite the disadvantages. He is even willing to fight Floyd at his current age, something Pac (Pac's team) hasn't fully agreed to do.
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