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Default Re: Mayweather waited for Pacquiao to slow down or get old.

Originally Posted by cesare-borgia View Post
Yes, Arum favours floyd to win the fight therefore rather postpone and cash in on pac untill he cant any longer ( I hope the fight happens next because I do feel arum would cause pac to be labled a duck if it doesnt happen next), I dont know if its because of marquez I always feel ever since beating oscar and hatton he has been milking him with inhouse fights planning to cash out vs floyd, maybe thats now?
This is where Floyd fails as an amateur psychologist. He's trying to dictate the venue and date to an egomanical old **** that is already hostile to making the fight. I can't stand Arum but Floyd is either trying to back him into a corner or making it appear that way because he knows Arum's ego won't allow him be dictated to. If Floyd was serious, he should have called Pac out publicly without all this cryptic bull**** that always leaves him with an escape route to yet another ****py match-up his fans will lap up. He could have gone to the media and demanded that Pac face him, and kept on doing it until the public demanded it, but he arbitrarily chose to book a venue and a date and drop stupid-ass hints through his team about fighting a little man. The guy is a con artist, a stupendously talented con artist when it comes to boxing, but a con artist all the same.
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