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Default Re: Mayweather waited for Pacquiao to slow down or get old.

Originally Posted by Cellz831 View Post
is exactly what pac***s are saying. please stop with the pacquiao excuses. mayweather is older than pacquiao and ur a fool if u think hes still in his prime. some of u say that pacquiao has slowed down, got old, and is washed up now. i didnt see any difference in pacquiaos speed, stregnth, stamina, or style when he fought marquez.

he fought a SMART boxer. of course pacquiao is gonna look great against a slow brawler that comes straight at u like margarito aka a punching bag. u pac****s fell into the hype and got a reality check.

why is it so hard to believe that marquez who had 2 other contrevesial fights with pacquiao wouldnt be able to compete this time? did y'all really believe that "new fighter" that has a "right hand" bull**** lol.

honestly, it sounds ur already makin excuses for pacquiao if he loses to mayweather and alot of y'all are afraid to eat your words.

if not? prove me wrong. Tell me exactly what has changed in pacquiao from now to pre-marquez fight(de la hoya, hatton, cotto, margarito)
Wasting your time. FLoyd could blow out PAc in a round 3 years ago and ppl would still make excuses.
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