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Default Re: El Puma/Warpuma Chronicles

What a humble ass kicking I took home today...

Strength: max weight OH squat for 20 unbroken reps (bar must remain locked out overhead during all 20 reps).

WOD: 500m row for time. Rest 10 minutes. Repeat.

65lbs seemed so...punishing. Must work on upper back flexibility and get body used to movement.

Rowing seemed decent with times under 2 minutes.

"Our warm-up is your workout"

-Coach Glassman

He's not kidding.

CFJ: How many times should someone do the Workout of the Day (WOD)?

Coach Glassman: Yeah, we actually get this question every once in a while. When it comes up we know for a fact that either they’ve not tried the workouts or they’ve tried them at a leisurely pace. Done right, they have a horrific impact; they’re designed that way. No one comes out standing much less looking for another one later.
What the WOD does allow for is learning and practice of sports. Juggling sport and the WOD requires careful modulation of the intensity of the WOD or overtraining is a certainty.
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