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Default Re: Margarito pickin fights with NYC cabbies wants a nice 100-5 record

Originally Posted by bandeedo View Post
wtf do you know about me? you dont know the history between me and this old *** so mind yours. this ***** likes to talk **** and sling all kinds of racist **** and im giving him some of what dribbles out his ass. you got some beef with me then bust it out and lets get it cleared up. come at me like a man and ill respond accordingly, blind side me again and ill gladly include you in my entertainment.
"Beef?" Internet "beef?"

Man, you are a mess... And I am being 100% with you when I say that you DO come off as guy who was made gay in prison and now you are an angry gay which is kinda creepy.

Real talk: Are you a gay boxing fan? Not a problem but just come out and say it in plain language instead of all these latent (hidden) rants of yours. Let it be bro... If you like dudes who like boxing, just say it already.
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