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Default Re: Margarito pickin fights with NYC cabbies wants a nice 100-5 record

Originally Posted by Plaster...Sad View Post
On a serious note: You are not being sincere in your post my man. For every post going in on a Mexican, you have 2-3 posts talk shet about PR fighters. Just being real... And WE too take it as a compliment. 100%

I personally see it on a deeper level and recognize the crabs in a barrel mindset when one minority community is dissing another... but that is for another thread...another day.

It's all good to have a little fun, but that is why the PR vs Mexicans thread was created. Lately though, a lot of these threads are unnecessary and it takes away from the credibility of this sites depth of knowledge or potential of.

It gets redundant and it quite frankly makes it seem like nothing but bickering trolls visit the site. And maybe I missed something, but I am yet to see a thread dissing specific Rican boxers, with the exception of Cintron, but you can't really argue that one.
If you look around you will see it. It is definitely a 2 way street bro. I personally, get along with ALL people... but when it comes down to joke central about Ricans, then yeah I might join the fun and defend my crew. Do I take it personal? Never... I am actually laughing when I read the crazy shet that gets posted.
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