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Default Re: Margarito pickin fights with NYC cabbies wants a nice 100-5 record

Originally Posted by bandeedo View Post
obvious what, wilfredo freud. dont get upset cause your banana boat seatmate is geting what he asks for. tell me dr. what does having pictures of underage girls tell you about a middle aged man who like to brag about how much young ***** he gets. in your professional opinion of course.
There you go again with your stupid BS about underage girls... Any psychologist worth his weight would look at your obsession with little girls and keep a serious eye on you. it's called "projection..." My girl is 33 years old idiot... If to YOU young means 12, then YOU have some serious issues clown.

Here it is again clown: Tell me how "fat" she is like you did the first time... You are 100% suspect. Angry, obsessed with little girls to the point where a solid piece of ass on a 33 year old like this, makes you feel gross inside. YOU are a bonafide suspect..
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