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Default Re: Official Weights for Green card

Originally Posted by TCboxa View Post
Why was there a weigh in that morning? if for publicity why was Hyder and the POLES camp so intrested in weights IF it wasnt the offical weigh in? for all we know the POLE had to make weight the first time round and that was the offical weights, even the officals involved seem to be looking on, Austin for example when Tomilson got on the scales. All supposed to be unoffical remember lol.. the 2nd weigh in for all we know was the publicity one, it looked as if they read the weights out during the first weigh in however u cant hear what they say the weights come in at and no ones been able to tell otherwise.

So my question would be, what did they both initally weigh in at for the 1st weigh in?
At the first weigh-in Wlod was 191.8 and Danny 196.4

I told you.

They do a 2nd weigh-in to cover up the catchweight nonsense and Wlod rehydrates to 198 or so.
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