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Default Re: Mayweather Video: I gave boxing my whole life.

Originally Posted by Uncle Rico View Post
Itís not that those guys were definite badasses to beat Floyd. Itís just that the welterweight division, at the time, was stacked with really good fighters fighting each other. The least youíd expect, is for the most talented and skilled one out of all of them, to be part of it. When history looks back at that 2007-2009 period, itíll see the following memorable welterweight fights involving the top welterweight fighters....

- Williams vs Marg
- Mosley vs Cotto
- Cotto vs Marg
- Mosley vs Marg

....and itíll notice that Floyd wasnít involved in any of them. It wonít care why he wasnít involved. It wonít take into account his issues with Arum. Itíll just see a blank slate on Mayweatherís resume during his decision to go into retirement and let the above guys beat each other down, remain inactive, or move up weight classes. That, ultimately, will mean his legacy will not be as great as it should have been. It would have been awesome if heíd beaten Margarito instead of Baldomir, stuck around for Cotto (before or after his fight Margarito), and beaten Mosley right after heíd demolished Margarito. But sadly, he didnít. And that'll be the biggest criticism of his career.
Those guys are not ATG fighters though....excluding Mosley who was past his prime then, and was well past it when Floyd got to him. Cotto was a hype job. 2 paper straps. Best win is over Mosley...past his best(I don't even rate Floyd's win over old Mosley) Margarito....face first brawler. Clearly limited with no real technique or footwork. Paul win is over Margarito at 147(I don't count the Sergio win, because I thought he lost)...Extremely limited with no defense..arm puncher. no technique. These guys are not Hearns,Duran, and Hagler. They were what Cruiserweight is now. A division of B/C level fighters who are all so close in talent that the division looks "stacked"
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