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Default Re: Basilio vs DelaHoya @ 147

It could be later than ten, I agree. It's a little early to tell, but I am surprised noone has come to Oscar's rescue... Probably due to the higher intellect than the caliber of those with whom I am used to dealing. I ask because I wonder sometimes how Oscar will be rated all-time after it's all said and done. Looking back, I'm ashamed of how pumped I always got for his fights- For his biggest fights, he always came up short or didn't perform. For all his talk and how he looked in training for PBF, I thought he was going to old-school Floyd and paste him (silly me). He owes me for at least 3 pay-per-views!!! Now I hear him saying he wants a Barrera-Morales type dogfight before he's through- He wants an opponent that will give him that... I say TOO LATE OSCAR- Number one, that's not your style, and you had your chance with Mosely, PBF, and most of all, to close the show against Trinidad. You blew it. Now Oscar will be relegated near-great status, or what could have been scenarios for a leagacy. He could have been great, he just didn't choose to (despite his great quality of opposition).
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