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Originally Posted by s**** View Post
Why hasnt someone come up with an Air filled Glove, is beyond me. Save a lot of injury through impact. ???
I *think* Title gloves came out with some sort of glove that uses air technology (patent pending?). However, if I had to hazard a guess, inflated gloves would be highly dangerous. Law of physics - when something is compressed and doesn't have anywhere to go, it will create pressure. Things under pressure like to release that tension by exploding/popping/etc. Within a boxing glove, there's the possibility of an air leak (leading to a useless deflated glove) or an explosive pop that would break the barrier between the boxer's hand and target. I'm just not sure I would trust that...

Attention East Side Boxing, my team and I have concluded our project. No more surveys or focus groups will be collected or conducted. We sincerely thank you for all your insight, questions, and discussion. It was a really good experience to design such a product and talk to would-be customers. Also, based on the financials we did, this isn't such a bad investment. I hope to see technology-integrated boxing (or MMA) gloves in the near future.
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