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Default Re: Official Weights for Green card

Originally Posted by IrnBruMan View Post

Every one of you sitting there going "Yeah, well, it wouldn't surprise me if what Francis says happened actually did happen" are all having the urine extracted from you by Francine.

He made this **** up on the spur of the moment and thinks he's being a funny ****, but he's just showing himself up to be the mealy-mouthed malcontented **** that he is.

FACT - when he first made the 192!!! claim, Leon offered him a $1000 bet on it with him - Francine never took the bet.

FACT - Francine tried to renegotiate the terms of the bet with Leon to 196!!! after Leon had announced he wouldn't be on for a week as he was working. With Leon unavailable to reply, Francine stated that Leon was avoiding his renegotiated bet.

FACT - when people started asking Francine for proof of his 192!!! claim, he kept referring them to Leon, despite the fact that Leon was absent from the forum.

FACT - when Leon returned to the forum and advised that there was no such catchweight Francine started the personal attacks on Leon saying he was just Angelo Hyder's mouthpiece.

FACT - when Francine realised he had painted himself into a corner he started saying that his 192!!! claim was true but that Wlod couldn't make 192!!! any more and so wasn't taking up the catchweight incentive.

FACT - both Green and Wlod weighed in 24 hours before the fight just under the full CW limit.

FACT - when people took the **** out of Francine for bull****ting he tried to deflect and say people were cheering Green just for fighting at CW.

FACT - Francine is now saying that Wlod weighed in at under 192!!! just 1 hour prior to the official weigh in and rehydrated 7 pounds for the official weigh in even though Francine's mail said that Wlod could no longer make 192!!!!

FACT - Francine chickened out of fighting Pumper on the night of fights, instead saying Pumper had to beat him in the boxing tipping comp first.

This is the stuff that makes the sad case that is lonely, bitter, old and gay Francine laugh.

What's even funnier is that the Albury ****eater and wimpydonk have swallowed everything Francine has said hook, line and sinker, and then run with it and added arms, legs, mutant heads and anything else they can think if to it.

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