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Default Hiding Behind Sergio Martinez?

Before PAC vs JMM 3 happened pac****s talked alot of **** about how manny would destroy mayweather easily but It seems like ever since Pacquiao got exposed by marquez they realized pac has no chance in hell against mayweather and theyre praying this fight doesnt happen so they wont have to eat their words.

What are they doing now?

theyre claiming floyd is ducking martinez now and all of a sudden they would rather see floyd fight martinez instead of their hero pacman. i knew somethin like this would happen but i didnt think it would happen BEFORE floyd whooped pacquiao.

its funny cuz when u reverse the question and ask them about manny fighting martinez they claim mannys too small even tho he is now a natural WW yet he fought margarito, cotto, and clottey. i guess they know he cant beat a bigger fighter in a non-fixed Top Prank fight.

If u wanna talk about a Sergio vs Floyd fight at least wait after the pac fight this fight is mandatory and overdue. mayweather had his tune up with Ortiz(southpaw) pacquiao had his tune up with Marquez(counter puncher) but unfortunately pacquiao got his ass kicked but somehow got the decision. that means THE SHOW MUST GO ON! its not floyds fault manny got whooped.

******** do not want this fight at all and its clear that they werent true pacquiao fans. theyre just fans of boxers who they THINK can beat mayweather and wont be satisfied until he loses and unfortunately will continue to be disapointed. pretty sad

that is all Pac***s
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