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Default Re: Basilio vs DelaHoya @ 147

It sometimes seemed as if DLH was more concerned about furthering his career in fashion modeling than winning boxing matches. (One-eyed Michael Olajide could have taught him the futility of that approach. If that vain, maybe boxing isn't the right line of work, at least not if wanting to capture and hold the public's imagination.)

It's an old story, the contestant who loses by playing not to lose, instead of throwing caution to the wind, and leaving everything to chance in order to have a stab at winning. Ultimately, I have to question DLH's heart and desire. (That Oscar was kayoed by a single bodyshot from B-Hop, rather than a sense separating punch to the head delivered because he left himself open in trying to attack, is very disturbing to me.)

Unlike DLH (who didn't even try to get up against Hopkins), Virgil Hill actually got up from RJJ's rib cracking bodyshot within ten seconds, and deserves to eventually be inducted into the IBHOF. (I think Hill already had established his qualifications for induction by the time of the Jones fight.) I don't know that I can buy De La Hoya as a legitimate HOFer.
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