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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Originally Posted by McGrain View Post
Vasquez-Larios II. This is a real gem of a fight, even if it isn't quite as good as a near-hysterical Atlas ("FRAZIER-ALI. GATTI-WARD. THIS IS ANYTHING.") insists throughout the entertaining broadcast. It is though, one of the most entertaining workrate performances of that era, Larios was like a man possessed.

He knew (And it was proven) that Vasquez had a better jab, so in-spite of his advantage in length and height, and much to Atlas's near hysterical objection (he spent two rounds talking about how square Larios's feet were), he abandoned the battle of the jabs as unwinnable and went crazy for powerpunches, leading with the right, leading with uppercuts and leading with all kinds of bar-room punches as he starts to fade a bit after 4. He gets away with it because he is moving a lot, total commitment to his high energy plan, lots and lots of movement forcing Vasquez to move onto these mad punches, not allowing him to get set. Vasquez responded with his usual total regard for defence as he slipped behind, which is always sad to see from the point of view of his fans if not fight fans. It doesn't work for him however, as his then stamina issue starts to tell.

So Larios, not able to take Vasquez's jab away - Israel has success with it in the first five, losing all but one of them on my card - he just renders it useless as a round-winner by outlanding him with power-punches. Larios threw over a 1,000 blows in this fight and very few of them were straight lefts.

Cut on both eyes in the first half of the fight he just keeps moving until he can't and then goes into a part time shoot out where he's leading his man onto punches over and over again. By the time Vasquez has wised up a bit to the straight right, Larios is to tired to throw it for the most part so he is looping it, whilst adding uppercuts.

The first knockdown is really weird, the referee seems to be "cleaning" a wet spot on in the middle of the ring by rubbing it with his size tens before Vasquez proptly slips on it. Larios bores in behind him landing multiple flush shots as Vasquez slips to the ropes and becomes momentarily entangled. IN a future echo of his duels with Marquez he comes hurtling back off the ropes with hard punches and they clinch. As they are seperated, Vasquez points to the slippery spot on the floor and the referee says "I know". Larios meantime is winding up a right hand all the way from Cuba which he detonates right on Vasquez's chin just after Vasquez puts his eyes back on his opponent. Marquez somehow gets up but is stopped a few seconds later when he is put down again. All though about to rise at the count of five, Vasquez makes little objection when the ref waves it off and keeps his knee for about 20 seconds.

There was no way back for him at that point anyway.

Inspite of it's apparent one-sidedness in terms of the cards, it's still a great and thrilling fight, and lots of the rounds are close

My recent appreciation of Vasquez definitely included this fight in my study. As I mentioned at the time, that kind of loss can be very difficult to bounce back from. While competitive, Vasquez took a man-sized beating, and it was a deflating, comprehensive stoppage. That kind of thing never seemed to bother him that much, though.
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