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Default I just watched Arthur v Foster jnr again...

Its amazing(no pun intended) when you watch a fight again, without the adrenalin pumping through your veins watching one of your favourite fighters in action live, sometimes its like watching a different fight!
As so much was on the line for the Arthur-Foster fight I watched with the old white knuckles, & to be honest the atmosphere was so charged with the crowd in full voice & Hatton & Harrison prowling around ringside, that the fight almost flew by me.
I think it was the same for Rawling & Woodhall too, as they didnt commentate too well, they were more or less just cheering on every Foster punch, & Woodhall was even calling Rawling 'Steve' when he thought Foster was doing well! He later apologized to Mr Rawling for it though.
It was one of those nights I suppose, but anyway, back to my point.

I watched the fight again, & thought Arthur did really well. It was the usual slow start from the edinburger, but after 3 rounds when Foster was chasing him down & getting success with overhand rights, Arthur got into his rythm & gave Foster jnr a bit of a going over, boxing well behind his jab, & sickening Foster with uppercuts & right & left hooks to the body. Then in the 9th Arthur hurt his man badly with a peach of a left hook to the body, & Foster was done for, only saved by the bell. Then Arthur switched off a bit in the 10th IMO thinking the job was done, & he allowed a game Foster back into the fight.
Then in the 11th Arthur got caught by a looping overhand right, & it was a great punch I have to admit, but Arthur quickly recovered & traded with Foster jnr in the last round to record a win, & it was a great fight.

To be honest after the second viewing I dont think Arthur is weight drained t all, I thought he boxed well & despite the knockdown was a worthy winner of a strong & spirited opponent who fought the fight of his life. As normally hapens with Scotland v England battles they bring out the best in fighters as its a derby & theres so much on the line. Thats when crazy fights happen.
& remember folks, I told you all Foster jnr would be a different animal at super-feather, long before the fight
So it didnt suprise me that Foster jnr gave such a good account of himself, & what a gent he was after the fight, it was great seeing him & Arthur laughing & joking at ringside after the fight, Foster jnr has made me a bit of a fan of his now as he showed class.
Anyway, I suppose what I am trying to say is if the Guzman fight comes off for Arthur, hes got a chance of winning this one. Cos despite a knockdown, Arthur did bloody well in his last fight.
If anyone still has the fight, give it a watch again, & try to ignore the commentators & just watch Alex fighting. I think you will be impressed how he fought despite the slow start. But AAA is infamous for taking 3 rounds to warm into a fight.

Oh & before I go, it was sweet seeing Hatton jumping around with joy at ringside when Arthur got put down, only to have to sit back on his **** again when Alex was OK & went onto win the fight. I missed that first time around
It was funny seeing Farnells big head bobbing their too!
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