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Default Re: People actually believe Hatton is ducking Witter!?

Originally Posted by achillesthegreat
Early on Hatton said he would fight Witter, no problem but Frank wouldn't make the fight.

Then Witter took to bad mouthing Hatton and now Hatton hates him and won't fight him cos of it.

Hattons not scared of Witter, no way. He doesn't like him, that's the truth. However this is boxing and not ballet, issues are resolved in the ring.

Your quite right - to accuse Hatton of ducking people is ridiculous. There is little love lost between the pair of them, so why not get it on. But as I have said earlier, Ricky has fights with greater reward, for less risk - could anyone name a fighter who hasn't gone for that?

Witter has himself, fighting Corley for the WBC title, when there were harder opponents available to him.
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