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Default Re: If Hatton were a man, heŽd fight witter!!

Originally Posted by scurlaruntings
PATHETIC REPONSE. Hatton was the WBU champ Witter is the WBC champ theres not even a comparison between the level of comp and those 2 belts. As for a number 1 not fighting a rightful number 2 you name me how many instances this has happened and wether those fighters who refused to fight walked away with sturdy reps.

If Hatton is only interested in money then ****ing say so. Matter of fact quit the dam sport and invest his dough in stocks and shares.

Its ironic he lives in some shed in Manchester because his sooooo down to earth and yet the paltry excuse is a bout between him and Witter would make him no money. Hardly matters when his got no clue on how to spend it and the gets his rolex nicked when his abroad.Thats the biggest load of horse **** iv ever read.
I never said the WBU belt was as good as the WBC belt, all I said was that Hatton spent ages defending it for no reason, because his promoter couldn't make the big fights.

I don't know whether Hatton is only interested in making money or not, I haven't got round to asking him yet .

He has admitted he ain't that good with money, but so what, most people in the country ain't that good with it, and a lot of people lose things abroad - wtf has that got to do with boxing?

Just stop hating
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