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Default Re: Punching Strength BOXERS VS MMA

Originally Posted by radianttwilight do know that Bas Rutten is a 42 year old man who has fought once since 1999, right?

It wouldn't suprise me if a heavyweight boxer punches harder than a heavyweight mixed martial artist - all other things being equal, the boxer trains to punch, and punch only. Boxers are alot more stationary than MMA fighters, too, because they don't have to worry about being kicked and taken down.

I will tell you, though, that a good high kick from a 200+lb kickboxer is harder than any punch thrown by a heavyweight boxer in history.
Uhhhh.... you know they were pandering to mma fans with that, right?
They are not trained to punch, and punch only. They are trained to move, they are trained to block, to slip... so no, they are not trained to punch only.
Also, it's just as likely that boxing is more difficult because of it's limited ****nal (pssst.... IT'S LIMITED BY DEFINITION OF THE SPORT!). There's not as much wiggle room to hide your inability to compete on the boxing stage. So your concern of "they don't have to worry about..... blah blah blah" is irrelevant.

I will tell you, quit sucking kickboxer dwyck to prove a point. It's not an issue of punch vs. kick. It's punch vs. punch. You sound like one of those prats that handles losing at a particular sport (let's say tennis) by replying with... "yeah... well.... did you know that baseball players swing an object that is more dense than a tennis racket?!".

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