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Default Re: Punching Strength BOXERS VS MMA

Originally Posted by emanuel_augustus
Virtually every MMA fighter I've ever seen has ZERO idea how to punch effectively. They arm punch and get no leverage on their shots. This includes even the so-called "champions."

It's why I don't like MMA.

You could take your average trained club fighter boxer and they punch harder than the top level MMA guys. Boxers are trained to punch through muscle memory and using technique to maximize impact.

MMA guys are trained to take you down and grapple, not punch.

Remember folks, just cuz you saw it on a TV show doesn't make it true.
They look like their arm punching because they cannot commit to a shot for fear of kicks or being grappled. Simply put, they dont punch likes boxers in an MMA ring because they choose not to, not because they cant. Guys like crocop are K1(kickboxing) champion, im pretty sure they have the mechanics of a punch down. This is the same guy who broke bob sapp's face.
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