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Default Re: JMM should retire, no 4th fight with Pac

Originally Posted by Hecdog View Post
I had respect for JMM, but it's true, listen to him and all he does is cry about how he beat Manny. You lost fool! Take it, accept and move on. I hate whinning little cry babies that blame fighters for their losses. There are judges out there that make those specific decisions. Manny has beaten you three times. He won the first one also. Manny is the P4P best fighter in the world. JMM go away and stop crying. You ruined your all-time great status. Go away and let real men that handle all situations with respect like MANNY PACQUIAO. Not cry babies like you or punks that sucker punch their opponents in and out of the ring like Mayweather. Get some dignity and self respect for yourself JMM. The fights are over and you lost!!!!!!!


JMM was arguably robbed 3 times...This guy goes through hell and back in training, and gets shafted out of potential MILLIONS so that fat ass greedy **** Arum can deepen his own pockets and you expect him to say **** it.... **** you moron.
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