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Default Re: Prime Pierre Coetzer in Today's Heavyweight Landscape

Originally Posted by Mr Butt View Post
mongoose apart from the brothers klit who of the heavy's around today would have a good chance to beat the bowe,bruno and foreman that coetzer was up against
For one thing, Povetkin is looking utterly fanastic as of late, and this is from a huge critic of the guy who regularly uses him as the butt of jokes. I must say Atlas has made me a believer, he's looking faster, sharper, and more aggressive, great defense too. So the division is a bit more than the Bros.

Why do you put an emphasis on those three, how about the Puerto Rican gate keeper that kept Coetzer from the Ring rankings? Do you think that version of Ossie is big shoes to fill? There are some solid gate keepers today like Barrett and Sergei that are perfectly capable of trading wins with Coetzer.

Who would beat Old Foreman..well. It didn't take a Jersey Walcott to outbox him. Could many contenders tdoay emulate Morrison and Alex Stewart's performance from that year? Yeah..they could. Hardly a high standard of technical boxing.
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