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Default Re: Prime Pierre Coetzer in Today's Heavyweight Landscape

Frank Bruno...would be like Arreola today but with worse stamina and a better body..go figure. Losing to the contenders, and feasting on the cans and maybe some qualty gatekeepers, probably hanging on to a lower tier ranking. Waiting for his McCall...and he'll find him..oh yes, he will eventually.

Bruno is a guy I just don't think can WIN. It doesn't matter if its a washed up Spoon, the limited Bonecrusher, a great like Tyson...a future great like Lewis...this dude is going to box well and fold. Just his nature. Who could beat him today? God...I remember me and Lefthook 31 (missed) breaking it down that Walking Punchline Samuel Peter would probably upset him after losing every round. Here's a good one..almost every RING contedner is a Rocky Marciano against Bruno.

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