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Default Re: Punching Strength BOXERS VS MMA

Originally Posted by kirk
The reason for that is, because fighters who would get knocked out by those punches would have never made it to prominence in any form (even by esb china chinned standards) while in mma having punch resistance isnt as necissary, as there are various forms of getting to the top of the sport besides taking punches...

hence you see mma champs and contenders with horrendus punch resistance compared to boxing champs and contenders....

i dont hold that against mma guys eather... because mma is not boxing. but when mma fanboys start talking about how mma guys would beat up boxers it becomes a very important point... of course, these idiots think that these mma martial artists would not even get hit against boxers.. they would just double leg take down, mount, and choke them out..

although... if we go by reality and what we have to work with, the only documented fight between a known mma fighter and a boxer (who i dont know) and the boxer delt with him... because with mma fighters, its still most of theirs natural inclination to punch first (as it is with most MEN.. not to grab, choke, and pull hair like females) and when they engage in this activity with boxers they will find themselves like frye did.
Ummmm, mma fighter get knocked out easier because of the 4 ounce gloves they wear.

God some of you guys are ****ing stupid.
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