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Default Re: Punching Strength BOXERS VS MMA

Originally Posted by kirk

thats seriously why you think chuck liddel was ko'd by that looping arm punch against jackson?

Boxers are punching eachother so hard they are breaking their hands through their wraps and gloves... and getting their eye sockets, jaws, and eardrums broken... and dont get knocked out... and mma guys are getting knocked out because the gloves are smaller..

your the one that is ****ing stupid...

you realise that boxing back in the day was with small ass gloves, and bare knuckle.. you think the champions back then were getting knocked out left and right because it was bare knuckle or small small gloves? lol.. some of their fights went 30 rounds or more...

you ****ing moron
I tell you what little boy, go get a standard boxing glove and hit yourself in the face a couple times, and then go and get an mma glove and do the same.

See if you can tell the difference. If you honestly think the gloves have nothing to do with it, then youre a complete moron, Ohh wait .
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