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Default Re: Punching Strength BOXERS VS MMA

Originally Posted by Ethan Trims
I tell you what little boy, go get a standard boxing glove and hit yourself in the face a couple times, and then go and get an mma glove and do the same.

See if you can tell the difference. If you honestly think the gloves have nothing to do with it, then youre a complete moron, Ohh wait .
i have trained and fought with mma gloves.. ive been in mma on and off for 6 years.. more off then on... and boxing for 5 years....

you on the other hand obviously havnt, and dont know wtf you are talking about.

OF COURSE gloves have SOMETHING to do with it... please point out where i said they have NOTHING to do with it. dont worry... ill wait.

doesnt have as much to do as with the fact that mma fighters dont rise to the top by having the ability to take punches.. like boxers do, though. god your a waste...
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