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Default Re: I just watched Arthur v Foster jnr again...

Originally Posted by kurt2006
You are the numbskull. Holding any title means very little. Next you will be bigging up **** force audley for holding the WBF HW championship of the world.

Being a euro champ means very little. Who are the world class names on Arthurs record. Gomez made him look like a monkey. Burns lacked the punch but also showed Arthur up.

Guzman is going to kick his butt. Arthur does not have this other level some of you are claiming. He struggles against average fighters.

Dunky you carry on dreaming about Arthur you will see what happens if he fights Guzman.

Ok Gomez made him look like a monkey..........what's your point? Thomson made Haye look like a monkey, it was a wake up call and he's learned from it. The same thing applies with Arthur. Being a Euro champ means very little? you tell that to the guys who get in the ring for a living who would give anything to retire saying they had been a Euro Champ at some point during their career.

You say Arthur doesn't have this other are you so sure? until he's been in the ring and we find out for real no one knows for sure and it's ignorant and arrogant to claim otherwise.

Maybe against Guzman he will be out of his depth,maybe he won't. But he's earned this fight, guys like Rees and Maccarinelli had done nothing to get their shot. So why have people got a problem with Arthur getting his opportunity? coz in my opinion he's earned it. He might not have looked convincing in every fight since Gomez but he's got the victory and that's what matters.

How about a little bit of support for the guy instead of slagging him off?
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