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Default Re: German HW prospect Edmund Gerber

Originally Posted by Nosbor View Post
What are Georgians anyway? A disjunct tribe from the Balkans? Many of them could pass for Greek and I think there is a sizeable population of ethnic Greeks that live there.

I doubt they have a cradle to grave nanny state like the Greeks, though. They also have a bunch of higher ups in their government that have Israeli citizenship, not the least of which is their Minister of Defense who orchestrated that massacre of ethnic Russians in Southern Ossetia.
They're in the Caucasus not the Balkans, two different places seperated by the Black Sea although both regions are a cluster**** of different nations and tribes with very complicated histories riddled with conflict.

Originally Posted by funkykoval View Post
no difference because we were talking about nations and you change your comparison into ethnic comparison

you realize that for many west nations countries, Ukraine and other republik that were part of USSR/CCCP and decided to seperate from it and become independent are seen as Russians, dont you?

would you agree with that oversimplification?

besides Austria and Germany are two seperate countries for hundred of years and I see a big similarity that Hilter was the same role for Germans as Stalin for Russians
- we were talking about foreign leaders. Austrians are a germanic tribe that speak a germanic language and up until the 19th century their sense of identity and nationalism was rather undefined with many seeing themselves as Germans. Comparing that to Georgia and Russia there is no comparison, they have nothing in common aside from Georgia having been incorporated into the Soviet Union.

- Do i realize that many in the West are ignorant ****ing morons, yes, yes i'm well aware of it. The fact that you can't differentiate or notice the stark contrast between Russians a Eastern slavic tribe and Georgians a tribe from the Caucasus highlights that poignantly.

and on that note i just watched Gerber-Page and was impressed. He seems to have improved his footwork and movement in the last year or two looking more fluid and comfortable in there. He used to look very rigid stiff and had kind of a awkward stance.
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