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Default Re: What was Brian Villoria's greatest win/performance???

Originally Posted by pejevan View Post
It has to be the solis fight.

Why are people judging it based on how segura fought Ivan Calderon. The calderon fight was like a fight of two fighters 2 -3 divisions apart. It was a bad match-up considering that Ivan Calderon does not have any power whatsoever. Segura just bulldozed Calderon, despite how crude and limited Segura is.

I already stated that it is Viloria by KO. Their talent is miles apart. It was like watching slightly better version Emmanuel Lucero even in the first round.

Brian Viloria has always been heavy handed. His power is above average although not a one-punch KO fighter. And jumping to 112 just did him some good with his ****ty stamina.

People are sleeping on BV because of his losses but it seems like he has motivational problems. He seems to fight better as an underdog. Even the Tamara fight, he was winning by miles when he gassed out.

No one really know how the Contreras fight affected him. Almost killing another fighter sometimes makes a fighter trigger-shy.
Good post. IMO, Archie Solis has got to be the best, all-around fighter that BV had faced in his career--one of the top 10 best in the lightest weights that Mexico has ever produced.
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