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Default Re: Basilio vs DelaHoya @ 147

Originally Posted by DaveTheWave
I can buy his IBHOF entry, as many fighters not half as accomplished or good are already there... He has done enough to get there, also if you consider his mainstream fame and the purses he earned (not that these are qualifications that should get anyone in, but he did make heavyweight money as a non-heavy), but he did win titles in several weight classes and fought just about everyone worth fighting. He'll get in, it's just a matter of his legacy- And in my opinion, one doesn't need to win all the big fights to be great, but you do need to leave it in the ring. I see so many fighters finish 12 rounds and not have a scratch or bruise, not be winded or even look tired! See Hearns- he didn't win the big ones, but he was out to win and win big. You could say the same about any of the greats. Frazier- he got smeared all over, but he gave his best. If you aren't even winded or marked up at the end of 12 rounds, you weren't trying hard enough. You're in a fight, for pete's sake!
Well put. I have the same beef with the IBHOF that many critics of various halls of fame share; that they have diluted the value of their prestige through rampant inclusion. Of course DLH will be inducted the instant he becomes eligible, but if the IBHOF was as relatively hallowed and difficult to gain entry to as the Baseball HOF for example, would DLH be among those who might be excluded? (Along with many questionable inductees. Should LeRoy Nieman, Don King, Bob Arum, Jose Sulamian and Ingo be in there? Naturally, I understand the die is already cast.)
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