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Default Re: Ward V Froch - The headbutts

Originally Posted by Hitta_Squadup View Post
You mutha****as sound like hoes gossiping, girl he's just gonnna **** you, cheat and leave but you *****es still give him some *****, if you hate his style, thinks he's a cheater, he's a Jesus freak, hate his nick name, spoiled only fights at home then why the **** do you watch him fight, quit with these crybaby ass excuses, whinning like broads and don't follow his career.

I pray that Andre Ward violently knocks Carl the **** out in round one, there's something negative to say about every fighter....***** stop hating...
1) Ward hits like a pre-****scent female so that won't be happening

2) Ironic that Andre Ward, Son Of God, will contribute evidence to help disprove god's existance when he demonstrate the futility of your prayers as yours will most certainly go unanswered this weekend.
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