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Default Re: Favourite boxers?

Originally Posted by scoobydoo
i'm 40 so probably like yourself the BBC in the late seventies and early eighties. I remember falling asleep during sportsnight almost every week mind. ****ing knackered i was.

i didn't really get into boxing seriously until mid to late eighties and even then preferred the amateurs.

As for pro's well i always admired Hagler, Benn, Scott Harrison, thaxton (who i've followed since he hammered paul ryan) and i've always hated heayweights. I haven't really followed seriously for a few years now.

Danny Green fought for his WBA title 2 minutes from my house here in perth a few weeks ago. i could have had a free ticket but couldn't be ****ed going.
I liked Perth - Northbridge i remember quite well . Fremantle was alright too.
I remember Paul 's**** iron' Ryan's ring entrances with his flat cap on The young fellas are all wearing them round my way now - look right idiots .
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